Students at Coromandel Valley Primary School will receive one semester of science of 50 minutes for years F-5 and 100 minutes for years 6 and 7 per week.


The science content includes the three strands of science understanding, science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour.  The three strands of the curriculum are interrelated and the content is taught in an integrated way.  Students work collaboratively to make predictions, identify trends, collect data and make observations in and out of the science classroom and with the effective use of ICT.  They reflect on their investigations, communicate their ideas and observations within a team environment and provide peer feedback for growth.


Through hands on experiments,  and inquiry based stations students will explore and expand their knowledge on the four main scientific areas; biological science, physical science, chemical science and earth and space science.


From Reception to year 2 students observe, predict and investigate the properties of everyday objects, materials and living things in their lives.  Connections are made with the current weather that impacts them directly, students look at how things move, change shape and use their senses to make predictions and collect data to answer posed questions.


Students in years 3,4 and 5 develop their understanding of a range of systems operating at different time and geographical scales.  Students plan fair test investigations observing heat transfer and flow of energy through simple systems.  They explore the properties of natural and processed materials and begin to appreciate that current celestial bodies (planets) have characteristics that have resulted from past changes.


Year 6/7 have their Science integration of Australian curriculum and MYP statements of inquiry which will alternated, 2020 Year 7 curriculum, and 2021 Year 6 curriculum due to the composite class situation.