Starting School

What to do if your child is about to start school?

  • Make an appointment with our principal who will take you on a tour of the school.
  • You will be able to view our facilities and see classes in action.
  • Complete a registration of interest form (available below) or at school.
  • A "pack" with school information will be available on your tour.
  • Our reception teachers will visit the local kindergartens prior to transition visits to the school.
  • A letter welcoming your child to our school along with information about term 4 transition visits will be posted home at the end of term 3.


School Transition

To make the transition to school as smooth as possible for your child we recommend the following:
  • Clearly label all belongings.
  • Make sure your child is able to open their lunch box.
  • Talk about the difference between lunch and recess (snack) with your child.
  • Make sure your child is able to independently do the following tasks: do up their own shoes, manage their own toileting, recognise and write their own name, dress themselves.
  • If your child wants to write at home we encourage you to help them use lower case letters, not upper case.
We welcome visits to our Reception classrooms. Come along and see what we have to offer you and your child. Make an appointment to chat with the Principal and then visit us in action. We hope to see you soon!
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At Coromandel Valley Primary School we encourage and foster a love of learning. We aim to make school an enjoyable place to be, a place where children love to learn and where they can learn vital social and independence skills as well as academic skills.

From Reception, and across all classes up to and including Year 6, the fundamentals of literacy are taught explicitly using the Playberry Laser Literacy Program.  This is a multisensory, evidenced-based, highly structured program taught by trained teachers, incorporating all aspects of phonological awareness, phonics, handwriting, reading, spelling and morphology.

We welcome parental involvement in our Reception classes. Parents are encouraged to help in a wide variety of ways. We love to use parental talents and currently have parents listening to reading, supervising and playing literacy and numeracy games, teaching art and craft skills, cooking with small groups and supervising woodwork activities.

Maths at Coromandel Valley Primary School is a balance between explicit teaching of skills and strategies along with immersing students in real-life maths problems to apply their skills and demonstrate their understanding.

As part of the IB, students will do four transdiciplinary units of inquiry that cover the Australian Curriculum. We foster the life-long skills through the 'IB Learner Profile'. Students are encouraged to be inquirers, principled, caring, reflective, thinkers, risk-takers, communicators, open-minded, knowledgeable and balanced.

Registration of Interest Form